My last email on Substack, fantasy map generators, a free online writing course and writing tools for on the go.
Plus how Pomplamoose publish every week, another book planning app and writing torture for Douglas Adams.
Plus how to get published (again), writing every day (again), and a new app that has some nifty writing features.
Plus how famous authors get ideas, writing about real people and a 100-day writing challenge.
Plus a great research tool, manifestos and storyboarding with Trello
Plus getting more true fans, how book deals work, and writing every flippin' day.
Plus how to build an author platform, bad first drafts and running a membership scheme.
The most clicked-on links by readers of the Unslush newsletter in 2020. Apps, articles, videos. Plenty of gold dust for writers and other creative folk.
Plus writing full time, essential newsletters, finding an agent, and building a fantastic author platform. 
Plus writing income, Notion goodness, creating a fiction podcast and building an audience that actually buys your book. Imagine!
Plus a planning tool, reading cheat sheet and writing from multiple viewpoints. It's a links galore situation for writers of all shapes and sizes. 
Plus Dolly Parton, writing habits and a way to support Unslush via Ko-fi. Links galore!