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Plus a great research tool, manifestos and storyboarding with Trello

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Cheeky Sunday newsletter for you.

I really like this illustrated guide to what you can find in children's books at different ages by author, Louie Stowell. Very true. Very funny. Also quite a handy reference tool as my own kids get older and continue to ask me to write a children's book!

Hope you find something useful in the links below.


Links of the week

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Dabble - Where authors go to write

An app that sounds to me very much like Scrivener with lots of features for planning and organising your work. This is a good overview by author David Hewson to read before you get stuck in.

A collection of manifestos

Have you ever written a manifesto for yourself? I've kind of done it, but I think I might write one properly. Just a page where I try and articulate what I believe, want I want to do creatively, and how that will shape the next couple of years.

Do It On Purpose – on having a brand and being a person

Really interesting piece in the Publishing is Hard newsletter about the reality of being successful. Sometimes, what with the internet and everything, it can be very easy to chase something or be someone that's a million miles from reality.

How to use Trello to storyboard your novel

I'm knee-deep in Trello just about every day and I've used it for all sorts of creative projects, including planning this newsletter. This article on ProWritingAid takes you through the basics and how you might set it up for storyboarding.

Dovetail – an app for collecting and sharing research

Stumbled across this for a work thing last year. It's designed for teams to store research, but if you're deep on a project of your own, I'm sure you'd find it useful to have all your bits and pieces in order.

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