This is fantastic, thanks Iain. I'm going to share this on my newsletter today, hope that's cool x

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Of course!

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Hi Iain

interesting newsletter as always! Just fyi, I get about half my income from my teachable school, maybe 10% from my gumroad shop, and the rest is book sales. I use gumroad mostly for distributing pdfs that are pay-what-you-want, and for crowdfunding the production costs of my books (I do a limited pre-order of hardbacks at a chunky £50 each for super-fans to support the work).

I wouldn’t touch Udemy or Kajabi because if I understand them correctly, they keep your student data, contact details, etc. Teachable integrates perfectly with Convertkit, and you own everything. Gumroad also integrates perfectly with Convertkit too- it’s really helpful being able to tag everyone who buys anything, so you can target marketing offerings to people’s established interests.

Anyhoo, back to work!



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