I do so enjoy your writing style Iain. Have you thought about writing another novel?

– joking, joking!

> a living hell of bad design...

Yes! I listened to a book-related podcast this week and they said the very same thing. Then they noticed that Goodreads is hiring developers right now, so you never know - this might just be the year that Goodreads becomes a good read!

You did ask for a suggestion - I'd love to know how you curate your articles. I'm going something like this now for a client and I'm curious how you schedule it in and what tools you're using. BuzzSumo? Feedlly? Something else?



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Thanks Cams!

Putting the newsletter together is definitely on my list of things to write about. It's basically a combination of Pocket, Feedbin, Twitter and now Notion.

I use the first three to find interesting stuff to share, and I've just started using Notion to plan and write the pieces. Part of that is because, for some reason, it copies and pastes almost perfectly to Substack. I've always previously written in Markdown and exported as HTML to make sure it all looked right, but Substack doesn't like that very much.

Oh! I've also got my Pocket favourites linked up to Airtable using IFTTT, which allows me to publicly share a directory of great links. That's currently on unlsush.com but I often forget to add to it and I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

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Great workflow! IFTTT is great for that kind of thing. Not heard of Notion before. I'll take a look at that.

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